spiritual Development

Whatever your religion or set of beliefs, embarking on a spiritual journey begins with the realization that we are spiritual beings and have the potential to embrace our spirituality.  This spiritual journey, like the emotional and self-developmental journey is a choice, which leads to new stages of development.  Those who choose to embark upon a spiritual journey feel the call, the heart- desire, the realization that there is something more then what has been presented to them in the world.  Many look for the deeper meaning of things. Trying to understand why they are here and how they can make their life more meaningful. The spiritual journey unveils the ego and the realization that we are often are at the mercy of what is around us and that our belief systems, personality and life choices have been created, adapted or a response to what we believe they should, or need to be.  The spiritual journey brings about a complete paradigm shift, or what many describe as an awakening.

Spiritual development in the therapeutic process includes the support, encouragement and guidance of the therapist.  Practical tools are developed to bring about transformation.  It is a triad transformation that requires all aspects of focus to evolve together to help provide clarity, inspiration, and direction.  They are the development of self, the development of dreams and goals and the development of our life purpose.

Oprah Winfrey described life as, at its best, a beautiful journey to wholeness. She said,
“I believe that every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.”

Love is the ultimate solution and primary focus of spiritual development. With the emergence of love, the three lines of development come into play.